Since January 2018, OTIS has been investigating “dockless” shared micro-mobility options such as dockless bike sharing. OTIS has developed standards and regulations which provide a framework for micro-mobility to operate in the city. There are no current plans for dockless bike share or scooter share in Philadelphia.

Shared micro-mobility refers to small vehicles such as bicycles, electric assist bicycles, scooters and other devices that are available to general members of the public to rent through a website, app or other electronic payment. They are smaller than typical vehicles and are not required to be licensed or inspected by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. “Dockless” refers to systems in which these shared vehicles are not returned to designated stations.

Currently, bicycles and electric assist bicycles (e-bikes) are allowed to operate under the Motor Vehicle Code. Indego Bike Share is an example of Philadelphia’s current shared micro-mobility program. Stand-up scooters are not permitted to operate on roadways within Pennsylvania at this time and are not included in the specific regulations below.


Other Resources

2019 Dockless Bike Share Pilot Application

In August 2019 OTIS opened an application process for dockless bike share providers to propose a limited pilot of their programs and technology. Applications were due on September 13th. Following a review of the applications, it was determined that no respondents met the City’s standards for the pilot.

The application document can be found here: 2019 Dockless Bicycle Pilot Program

OTIS continues to work to expand shared micro-mobility in Philadelphia and will support programs that align with the values and priorities in the CONNECT plan. In July the City released a Request for Proposals (RFP) to expand and improve the Indego bike share program. The RFP requested that respondents propose vehicles and technology that meet City’s standards and provide a strong, equitable, sustainable program for the future. Responses were received on September 20th and are currently under review. An announcement about the next steps for Indego is expected in Spring 2020.

Questions about the dockkess bike share program should be directed to otis@phila.gov.


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